About The Chicago Center for Cultural Connections

The Chicago Center for Cultural Connections (Connections), established in 1935 in Chicago as The National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), is a leading human relations organization dedicated to building bridges of mutual respect among cultural, racial and religious communities. Connections leverages its heritage, collaborative networks and resources to overcome negative bias, bigotry and racism. Through education, promoting common ground, advocacy and training, Connections brings people together to advance the larger goals of understanding, cooperation, mutual respect and social justice.

Throughout its 73 year history, Connections, has remained true to its mission. Connections remains committed to the vision its founders brought to human relations more than seven decades ago - that the diversity of our society is its greatest strength and the acceptance of diversity will determine our greatness as a people.

Connections works to dispel myths, initiate discussion, and provide skills for better human relations. Connections believes that by understanding and respecting what makes us different, we learn to appreciate the unique strengths that diversity brings to a society. Equally important, each of us is better able to achieve our full potential.

Connections helps people each year to better understand and address issues they face both as individuals and as members of the community. By providing awareness and skills for better human relations, Connections helps bring about lasting change in individuals and institutions and create new environments of inclusion, understanding, and respect.

What you can do to help Connections


Connections is a non-profit corporation. We can continue to serve your community only with your help. Visit our donation page and make a charitable contribution. It is tax deductible. Help Connections provide valuable services to your community now and in the future by making your donation today.


If you have an interest in volunteering, visit our volunteer page and connect with us.

Connect With Us

Connections provides valuable services at all levels in your community. Read about services on our Programs page. If you want to know what Connections can do for your business, school, or organization, then visit our Contact page and let us know.

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