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Welcome to the Chicago Center for Cultural Connections InterFaith Calendar


The Chicago Center for Cultural Connections (Connections), established in 1935 in Chicago as The National Conference of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), is a leading human relations organization dedicated to building bridges of mutual respect among cultural, racial and religious communities. Connections leverages its heritage, collaborative networks, and resources to overcome negative bias, bigotry and racism. Through education, promoting common ground, advocacy and training, Connections brings people together to advance the larger goals of understanding, cooperation, mutual respect and social justice.

Since its inception, Chicago Center for Cultural Connections has remained true to its mission. Throughout its 73 year history, the organization has maintained a consistent focus on bringing people together from different social, economic, religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to advance the larger goals of understanding, cooperation, mutual respect and social justice.

In its 20th Anniversary, this InterFaith Calendar continues to represent the potential of people working together in a spirit of goodwill and without compromising their distinct beliefs. Representatives from fourteen religious communities developed the calendar and worked as equal partners to reach a common goal.

Connections continues to need the help and involvement of people of goodwill. The organization connects people through education and shared experiences, bridges differences, and then joins them together in the pursuit of the full and equal participation of everyone. Connections remains committed to the vision its founders brought to human relations more than seven decades ago that the diversity of our society is its greatest strength and the acceptance of diversity will determine our greatness as a people.

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The InterFaith Calendar has been in existence for 20 years

The InterFaith Calendar has more than 150,000 copies in circulation

The InterFaith Calendar has been distributed nationally and internationally

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