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InterFaith Calendar: Catholic Christianity

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Catholic Christians worship the one God as Holy Trinity; that is, a community of Three Persons in One God-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Catholics believe that God became human in Jesus Christ, the Son. Through Jesus' life, death and resurrection, human beings—who through sin had been separated from God—are now reunited with God.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is revered by Catholics (and many Christians) as the mother of God. She is venerated—not worshipped—as a holy woman, an example of faith, purity, and courage.

Catholics come together regularly to celebrate mass, the primary gathering and worship of the faith community. Mass includes the Liturgy of the Word, where biblical readings are proclaimed; and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, where Jesus' last supper and unique death are commemorated. In the consecration of the bread and wine into Christ's body and blood, Christ is really and mysteriously made present; through the Eucharist, Catholics give God thanks and are empowered to live out their faith.

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Catholic Christianity


Chicago Catholic Christianity Population: 3,000,000

Pope Benedict XVI was elected Pope in 2005

Catholic Christianity Expanded Observance: Christmas