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InterFaith Calendar: Judaism

This excerpted content is from previous Connections InterFaith calendars
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Judaism is a civilization emphasizing the peoplehood of all its adherents. It is based on the belief in one God, covenanted with Israel through the Torah and its related teachings. For the Jew, his/her obligation to God is carried out through the observance of "mitzvot"—commandments or Divine expectations—that are of a ritualistic (or particular), and ethical (or universalistic) nature.

Jewish worship and ritual is practiced in the Synagogue and the home. Regular prayer services are held three times a day. Special dietary laws, holidays and other observances reflect the daily life of the Jew.

The Jewish Sabbath, "Shabbat," begins at sundown Friday and continues to sundown Saturday, and is the most important Jewish observances. It is a reminder of God's day of rest after creating the world, as related in the Book of Genesis.

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Chicago Jewish Population: 260,000

Judaism Expanded Observance: The New Year