The Chicago Center for Cultural Connections Programs

Connections provides human relations training - including multicultural awareness/diversity issues, leadership development, conflict resolution, management skills, and team building - for businesses, educational institutions, public and private agencies, community organizations, and religious communities. These areas of training programs are directed toward increasing one’s awareness, knowledge, and behavioral skills.

Connections devotes a significant part of its human relations effort to working with educators. Educators participate each year in training and informational workshops devoted to human relations issues and their applications in the classroom. In particular, educators are trained to develop and implement strategies that address inclusion and equity in their classrooms.

For students, Connections provides multi school activities, conferences, workshops, in school programs, and other special projects, which empowers area children and youth to make the most of diversity. Connections has always supported efforts which improve the quality of human relations in schools. These efforts have been providing human relations training that focuses on diversity issues, leadership development, conflict resolution, and team building.

Connections’ new initiative is Raising Children for Tomorrow. The training program mobilizes adults to show our young children healthy ways to understand and resolve conflict—and stop the cycle of violence. Connections, in collaboration with Family Communications, producers of the award winning children’s program, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Children’s Museum, Action for Children, religious institutions and others will work with early childhood providers to develop effective strategies for young children so they can understand and resolve conflict.

Connections conducts workshops, seminars, observances, and dialogues which foster understanding and appreciation of diverse traditions of faith and practice. Connections’ new initiative, Partners for Interreligious Leadership, in partnership with religious leadership from the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities, will create interreligious dialogue communities that will become vehicles for new understanding and collaborative action.

Connections conducts and convenes Forums which stimulate ideas about how we live, work, and relate more positively to one another across racial, ethnic, and cultural lines as well as about social justice issues and issues of the day.

Connections produces educational tools including Connections’ award-winning and internationally recognized InterFaith Calendar. With the cooperative effort of 14 religious communities the calendar highlights the basic tenets and religious writings of each community and features pictures, photographs and lists and describes religious observances.

Recent Programs

» Annual Founders Award Luncheon

» Interfaith Award Breakfast

» Youth Leadership Conference

» Thanksgiving Observance

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InterFaith Calendar


The InterFaith Calendar has been in existence for 20 years

The InterFaith Calendar has more than 150,000 copies in circulation

The InterFaith Calendar has been distributed nationally and internationally

Every faith in the InterFaith Calendar has an expanded observance. When you see the lightning bolt icon on a page, click on it to see the extended observance.