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Welcome to the InterFaith Calendar: Sikhism

This excerpted content is from previous Connections InterFaith calendars
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Sikhism professes belief in One God - Eternal Truth (if He is to be named); immanent reality, omnipotent (absolute), omnipresent (infinite), omniscient (universally aware); unfearing; bearing enmity or hatred towards none; without an image, since primal time through the ages and forever; of His own being, not begotten, and outside the cycle of birth and death; beyond comprehension but realized through His creation and grace to those who seek Him. God alone is true, eternally real; His whole creation is real only because He pervades it and can be found through it.

The founders of Sikhism are called Gurus, which in Sanskrit means teachers. Nanak, the first Guru, proclaimed the Unity of God (the Supreme Reality). Nanak preached and practiced the universal brotherhood of humankind and did not discriminate between them on the basis of creed, color, race, or country of origin; he stressed the equality of women with men. Above all, the Guru emphasized the subjugation of one's ego.

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Chicago Sikhism Population: 6,000

Sikhism Expanded Observance: Baisakhi