The Chicago Center for Cultural Connections Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Observance, November 19, 2008

“Unity, Hope and Peace”

Written by: Barbara Abrajano, Executive Director
Chicago Center for Cultural Connections

"Welcome to Chicago Center for Cultural Connections’ Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Observance. We are pleased to continue the tradition, this being the 23rd year. We are equally pleased that we continue to host the Observance with our dear friends here at Chicago Temple."

"The observance will follow what is outlined in your programs, without individual introduction. Also, each community contributed a Thanksgiving prayer that you will find in your program. Please take it home and reflect on the meaning of their many expressions of gratitude. "

"In addition, funds collected during the offering of the observance will go to provide meals to help make Thanksgiving a fuller experience for families in need. These donations are being distributed to a number of religious institutions who are with us today throughout the Chicago area."

"Today’s observance is a unified expression of celebration and Thanksgiving. We will hear prayers and music of fourteen religious traditions. This cooperative effort is a result of mutual trust and respect, which our organization is proud to coordinate. "

"As we give thanks this year at the observance, the focus is “Unity, Hope and Peace.” At this important time in our history, our thoughts and prayers will also be for our newly elected President Barack Obama and for our country. The challenges we face here and as a nation are at a crossroad, and as such, we reflect today on a commitment to come together, instill hope for the future, and work towards nonviolence and peace everywhere."

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President Obama Card

This two-sided, laminated card was presented during the Connections Thanksgiving Observance. Each card is $1.00.

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